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Nandita Bajaj
Cultural Ambassador

Gary Elfner
Business Manager

Judy Kelly
Office Manger

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OurHistory & BackgroundFrom the Ground UpEST. 2017

Our story took seed the day we realized we can move creatively. But as all stories do, this took time to unfold.

In the small room and a basement of an old church our first group of diverse learners/performers came together. We brought ethnic and cultural diversity in people together along with the musical diversity and various dance styles. Onstage it manifested in the form of international  music combined with varied forms and genres of dance and creative expression or live instruments on stage.

That was the day we saw the first strokes of this colorful expression in play – the stage was our canvas, the people our color, the variety our brush strokes and the expression was an ongoing presentation of our work. We banded together as the Cultural Ambassadors.


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At the heart of the organization was an idea – to work consciously towards bringing the community the cultural richness that surrounds us, create an awareness of its existence, and offer an environment where this unseen diversity can be rightly celebrated at the Center of it all. From this idea came the chance to offer a platform to Learn, Reflect, Collaborate and Thrive.

We invite you to be a part of this wonderful journey as the story unfolds one chapter at a time.