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Dance, Music, Creative Expression and Art are all mutually exclusive and yet intertwined. Dance is a visual expression using our bodies to convey what we feel. Music on the other hand is an abstract expression of the same, using an instrument or our own voice. Creative Expression uses language, spoken or written English, or any other language for that matter, while Art is a visual representation on paper. These require us to use all our senses and feel the idea and the depth of the idea.


If we put all these together, we have an artist’s image on paper, described in prose or poetry, represented as a musical composition, visualized as a dance piece. Each element helps us to learn about ourselves or others around us, leading into reflection and visualization of what we envision, creating a collaborative work product to put forth a thriving production, whether it be a theatrical presentation or just living as a part of it everyday.





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Unity in Diversity – We are fueled by a passion for sharing our talents.

Supported by an experienced group of instructors. Our goal is to help you explore your potential. Utilizing a “Holistic” approach to arts education, for the “whole” individual”. Center for Performance Arts and Learning strives to bring people together through dance, music, arts and culture. We provide a quality performing arts education for people of all ages and skill levels, in a friendly and trustworthy environment.

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We here at Cen4PAL provide a center “A Room” to Learn, Reflect, Collaborate and Thrive. We are dedicated to building a strong culture of acceptance and collaboration unifying diverse cultural communities.

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If you have ever thought about trying your hand at it, or are looking to give your kids an opportunity to explore their talents in a safe, all inclusive and trustworthy environment call us.

Be it dance or learning an instrument, singing or drawing/painting or language and expression classes, we have it – don’t wait, now is your chance.

Life is full of opportunities – don’t hold back, seize this chance and sign up for a class. Call us for information or fill out our online registration and come on in. You cannot go wrong.