Performance Arts for Everyone


More than 50 classes offered, 20+ instructors, and special workshops for all levels, no matter the age or experience.

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The most diverse range of styles & forms

People of all ages, experience, and interest levels are welcome. Come explore the Lakes Area’s newest, premier dance studio.

Music Lessons
Taught by Experienced Teachers

Music lessons are an ageless pastime that continue into your future. From the heart of human emotion, to the enrichment of your leisure time, our instructors help you discover music and enrich your life.

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Creative Expression
Language Classes that Inspire

Whether written, spoken, or a combination, language has been the most powerful means of human connection since ancient times. If you’re interested in learning a new language or simply how to hone your creative communication, we can help.

Creating visual, physical & media beauty

Some things are not a matter of proof, they are a matter of perception. For the artist, expression is the highest calling, and we’re here to provide a canvas for you and help you explore beyond where the canvas ends.


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