Performance Arts for Everyone


More than 50 classes offered, 20+ instructors, and special workshops for all levels, no matter the age or experience.

Dance – The Most Diverse Range of Styles & Forms

People of all ages, experience, and interest levels are welcome. Come explore the Lakes Area’s newest, premier dance studio.

Music Lessons – Taught by Experienced Teachers

Music lessons are an ageless pastime that continue into your future. From the heart of human emotion, to the enrichment of your leisure time, our instructors help you discover music and enrich your life.

Creative Expression – Creativity that Inspires

Engaging various audiences activities outside of the normal spectrum of arts uniting various aspects of culture, creativity and activities – capoeira; fire play and performance; unicycles; jump roping; contortion; yo-yo; ballet folklorico; sewing to name a few. Bringing your individuality to the table, making it your own, it can include everything from problem-solving to the inspiration that results in the creation of art. Creative expression eventually leads to expanding participation and conversation. 

Fine Art  – Crafting your Skills

Have you ever wanted to create something to express yourself? If so, you were exploring a fundamental idea connected to fine art.  Fine art is something created for aesthetic or intellectual value not focusing on the utilitarian or practical purpose. Fine art is another form of creative expression, it might convey an idea or an emotion or explore social commentary. Art for Art’s sake is what we focus on – art that exists for its own purpose, an image, description to spark interest, artists telling stories through painting or drawing, using depth in texture with shades, on various materials. Art that uses and reminds people of Shapes, Spirals, Vibrancy – It is Art – It is all Around Us. 

Aerial Arts  – Learning to Fly

Learn the technique and movements of Aerial Arts – including Aerial Silks; Hammick; Lyra; Trapeze; Cube in a slow and controlled setting to feel the movement. As you grow you develop the muscles and proper engagement leading you to an empowered place and self. Learn to trust the fabric; or the apparatus to hold you. Feel yourself sink into it and allow yourself to be in the moment. Learn how to access your inner strength as you challenge yourself to take on this journey of breathing and flying. Claim your power and feel empowered. Aerial Arts will let you do that, creating opportunities to perform and showcase your talents. 

Language Arts  – From Beginner to Advanced

In a diverse world, the study of multiple languages-in-education is a need and a demand. The Program acknowledges the need to provide students with a foundation for being bilingual learners and understanding bilingual learners and working with bilingual learners. At each level of the Language Arts program, students focus on learning basics (beginner program), speaking and conversing (intermediate program), comprehending increasingly complex literary and informational texts (advanced program). They learn to express their ideas, both orally and in writing, with growing richness of language and independence. Whether written, spoken, or a combination, language has been the most powerful means of human connection since ancient times. If you’re interested in learning a new language or simply how to hone your creative communication, we can help.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”- Frank Smith

Theatre  – All things Stage

Centered around collaboration and creativity, the Center for Performing Arts and Learning aims to teach a holistic view and appreciation of the theater arts. With disciplines in acting, musical theater, playwriting, and technical theater skills students have the opportunity to become well versed in all aspects of the theater world. We encourage and expect our students to captivate the audience while on stage and immerse their audiences behind the scenes. Our courses incorporate movement, voice, script writing, play analysis, acting, improvisation, character analysis, theater history, shop skills, paint techniques, performance experience, scene work, monologues, lighting design, and so much more!